Michael Cohen


Le Retour

2016 / 16 minutes

By Michael Cohen and Anaïs Turjman
With Robin Hairabian, Lola Veron, Edgar Reffay, Davor Cosich

Vincent, who is about to get his diploma in architecture, comes back in the town where he grew up. There, he meets with friends he hadn't seen in many years. At the same time, he takes opportunity of his return to start a search for a full-of-memory and meaningful place of his childhood.

Sound: Sébastien Linsolas
Music: Clément Mennesson
Cinematography and editing: Michael Cohen
Language: French, English subtitles available on the video

Compte sur moi

2015 / 22 minutes

By Michael Cohen
With Esther Koziol, Aurore Grall, Corentin Richard

Agathe is involved in the writing of a novel in the interest of which she is not confident anymore. At the same time, with her two friends Laura and Paul, they are going to be taken in the whirlwind of passions. It tells the story of a young woman who, despaired by the obstacles she faces as a writer, finds herself overwhelmed by the disappointments of her sentimental life.

Sound: Thibault Pétolat
Music: Clément Mennesson
Cinematoraphy and editing: Michael Cohen
Language: French

Still Alive

2014 / 20 minutes

By Michael Cohen and Will Hamilton
With Kiki Bagger, Jared Cavazos, Will Hamilton, Maia Kazin, René Kizilcec, Lawrence J. R. Neil, George Polovets, Sarika Reddy, Victor Spielberg Verdejo

Five frames, five stories of students on their campus. They audition actors, smoke near the residences or promote their new start-up. Some of them get prepared before the party, others sit for a last talk once the party is over. They all have in common to feel the raise of an invisible but sensible hindrance that questions both their projects and their aspirations. Yet they should feel optimistic, because they are still young, with a life before them, and still alive.

Music: Clément Mennesson and Caleb Rau
Editing: Michael Cohen
Language: English, French subtitles available on the video

They Are Together

2013 / 10 minutes

By Michael Cohen and Will Hamilton
With Will Hamilton, Laurel Pecchia, George Polovets, Nora Tjossem, Michael Vang, Jessica Waldman

As she visits California, Jane joins a lunch where her friend Ashley has been invited. The day is warm and sunny and with the group of friends they sit at a table in the garden of a Palo Alto house. Jane meets everyone including the elegant couple formed by Lisa and Peter. As the afternoon progresses, Jane is slowly seduced by the irresistible charms of the host couple.

Music: Jared Cavazos
Editing: Michael Cohen
Language: English


2012 / 11 minutes

By Michael Cohen
With Maxime André, Rémi Barrois, Arthur Bauer, Laëtitia Dubois, Sarah Le Net

Arthur takes his friends for a barbecue in the woods. They get to a place that is his haven of peace and his favorite place. But a policeman arrives and orders them to leave.

Music: Rémi Barrois
Editing: Michael Cohen
Language: French

*    *